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About TGI Distri Limited

TGI Distri Limited was established in 2017 with the primary goal of creating a world-class distribution, marketing, and logistics organization with the following key strategic objectives:

1. Connecting TGI brands to the Nigerian consumer by managing sales, marketing, and logistics for all TGI Companies in the consumer space.

2. Spearheading new product development from conceptualization to consumption through:

i. Intensive market research with an objective to identify unfulfilled consumer needs.

ii. Concept ideation, consumer insights, brand planning, logistics development, product launch, and sales planning and execution.

Building an organization with the best international talent and a commitment to:

i. Acquiring the best global practices

ii. Providing an excellent training and development platform for the local youth.

Our Vision


To invest in emerging economies with a view to adding value to the locally available resources – targeting an end product both for local consumption and the world market.


To grow our market share in a sustainable, responsible and profitable manner that we can fulfill our consumers’ needs through innovative means today and in the future.

Our Mission
We strive to BE the IDEAL company by incorporating the following core values:

Backward Integration

We seek to continuously grow sustainably. We source for raw materials locally wherever feasible to ensure the development of our products through fair practices. We are involved in the full supply chain from harvesting to final consumer goods.


TGI Group ensures empowerment of individuals and communities by creating economic opportunities in emerging economies through utilization of local resources and manpower.


We endeavour to be fair and honest in all our dealings while remaining loyal to everyone from large business owners to individual consumers.


We seek to fulfil the needs of our consumers by providing diverse products and services.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Here at TGI, we have the spirit of Entrepreneurship. We anticipate change, we embrace it. We are innovative, and we always seek out continuous improvement.


We believe in transparency, we hold ourselves accountable for any deviations in our mission statement. We follow ethical, moral and sustainable practices.


In thought and in the market, we blaze the trail, guide and enable others to make a positive difference in their lives and the lives of others and to contribute to a greater good.

Sunil Sawhney

Managing Director

Puneet Sharma

Chief Financial Officer

Ita Ekpenyong

Sales Director


We are a professionally managed and fast-growing sales, distribution, and marketing company based out of Nigeria. We provide the last mile connect for manufacturers, brands and consumers; becoming the distribution company of choice in Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa.

As on date we are marketing and distributing 10 consumer brands (food and non-food) manufactured by the TGI group and our multinational partner.


Head Office: 1, TGI Close, Oshodi-Apapa Expressway, Barracks Bus Stop, Ilupeju, Lagos, Nigeria.



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