TGI Distri launches Kleansol Toilet Cleaner

TGI Distri Limited, a leading distribution house in Nigeria, and the sales and marketing arm of the Tropical General Investments Group has launched “Kleansol Toilet Cleaner with Power actives ingredient”.

The new Kleansol Toilet Cleaner, packaged in two sizes of 500ml and 750ml, offers 360-degree deep protection with 99.99% germ kill on the toilet rim. Its Power active shield instantly kills microorganisms, providing long-lasting protection, making toilets, not just clean, but healthy clean. Its active ingredients ensure the removal/ of limescale and stubborn stains to reveal sparkling clean toilet bowls. In addition, the toilet cleaner provides a pleasant long-lasting fragrance and squeaky-clean shine hours after application.

Speaking during the launch in Lagos, Govind Agarwal, Marketing Manager, TGI Distri, explained that due to growing reports of a large proportion of Nigeria’s increasing urban population being unable to access safe, hygienic private toilets, leading to poor toilet sanitation, there was a need to create a solution that is highly effective, healthy and pocket-friendly.

Reiterating the tagline “Small change, Big difference. Healthy family”, Agarwal noted that consumers conscious about the health and safety of their families “only need to make a Small Change to Kleansol Toilet Cleaner to experience the difference”. 

“The difference between the new Kleansol toilet cleaner and other toilet cleaners is its all-in-one power active ingredients that disinfect, providing superior cleaning value that improves overall toilet hygiene for the family. Kleansol Toilet Cleaner is a product of years of research and development based on consumer insights on toilet hygiene and usage in Nigeria. Many homes and offices often make use of detergents and bleach to wash their toilet bowls, which do not guarantee deep clean and proper hygiene” Agarwal stated. 

TGI Distri is the catalyst for innovation and new product development for TGI Group, connecting its notable brands such as Big Bull Parboiled Rice, Renew Starch, Terra Seasoning Cubes, Golden Terra Soya Oil, Shine All Dishwashing Liquid and powder, amongst other remarkable brands, to Nigerian consumers. 


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